Educational Seminar: Parent Child Relationship

تربية البنات والبنين على اسس العقيدة وصفاء الدين

Raising girls and boys on the foundations of faith and the purity of religion

In Sha Allah

Date : Saturday, November 6th 2021

45 mins lecture

15 mins QA


Lecture 1 ( 12PM to Dhuhr ) : Importance of Knowledge

Lecture 2 ( After Dhuhr 2pm to 3pm ) – 1st topic on Parent Child Relationship

Lecture 3 ( After Asr 4:15 to 5:15 ) – 2nd topic on Parent Child Relationship

Magrib around 6pm. Seminar will end at magrib, In Sha Allah

Event Speaker:

Abu Malik ( Imam of Masjid As Sunnah )

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